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Products & Services
RF Cable Assembly
RF Cable Assembly – Custom Commercial and Mil-Spec. RF cable assembly is our specialty. Whether you need Plenum or PVC…..50 Ohm or 75 Ohm…..Jack or Plug…..WWLT can build it.
Custom Mil-Spec. Assembly and Harness
Custom Mil-Spec. Assembly and Harness – D38999, Coax, D-sub, our shop has been doing custom military assemblies for over 15 years. With our knowledge and expertise in reading engineer drawings, WWLT can provide you with a quality custom assembly.
RJ45 Assembly
RJ45 Assembly – Custom lengths, Plenum, PVC, Cat. 5 or 6, or FAA approved category cable WWLT can assemble it.
Copper Wire and Cable Distribution
Copper Wire and Cable Distribution - With key manufacturers as partners WWLT can supply a variety of wire and cable at competitive prices. Control, Fire, Security, Category, FAA Category, AISG, Chain-Flex, Multi-conductor, Multi-paired, Plenum or PVC, WWLT can provide it. With a 21,000 sq/ft building WWLT has the ability to provide stocking programs and inventory management designed around your needs.
Industrial Assembly and Harness
Industrial Assembly and Harness – If you need a cable that is in motion or needs to hold up to repetitive motion, then WWLT can provide it. Does your assembly need to move then let’s make a chain-flex assembly already installed in E-chain. Need it to be abrasion resistant let’s add Flexo sleeving. Whatever your design, give us a try. WWLT understands that your product is unique, well designed, and needs to work.
Fully Integrated Assembly
Fully Integrated Assembly– With a trusted supplier network of PC Boards, Molding, and Metal Fabrication, WWLT can provide a turnkey product with the simplicity of a single supplier.
Custom Fiber Assembly
Custom Fiber Assembly - You name it WWLT can provide it. Multi-fiber break out, duplex, simplex, multi-mode, single-mode, 10 gig., Plenum, PVC.
Networking Equipment and Installation
Networking Equipment and Installation – Need voice, data, or fiber then WWLT can do it. WWLT can provide the entire network and get you wired for business.